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Hospedería Porta Coeli

Price per night from Sunday to Thursday on non-holiday days

 Individual Room 

Price per night: 50.00 €

Double Room 

Price per night: 60.00 €

 DUI Room 

Price per night: 60.00 €

Price per night for Fridays, Saturdays, holidays, and holiday eves.

 Individual Room 

Price per night: 55.00 €

Double Room 

Price per night: 65.00 €

 DUI Room 

Price per night: 65.00 €

Do you want to make a reservation?

You can call us by phone: 0034949391875 or send us a message by clicking here. You can also do it through Booking. If you have any questions, we are here to assist you

Guadalajara, a province full of countryside and natural beauty contrast, offers a colourful range of admirable sights spread out throughout the four regions that form its territory: the Alcarria, the cultivated countryside, the Highlands, and Molina´s Manor.

Sigüenza is located in the highlands. The origin of its name is iberian: Segoncia which was Latinized after the conquest of Rome to become Segontina, the most important and famous Roman city in the area. After the Muslim invasion, Sigüenza became an important center of population due to its strategic location.

Its fabulous architectural heritage was declared of historical and artistic interest in 1965. The Cathedral, the Religious museum, the main square, the Castle, the churches (St Vincent, St Mary, Our Lady of the Orchards and St James), as well as the Doncel´s house, deserve a visit. The University of Alcalá, through its managing company CRUSA , offers premises for different activities: The Porta Coeli Inn as a hotel and the Doncel´s House for teaching activities, conferences, seminars etc…

Porta Coelli Inn

The inn is divided into two areas. The first one, where the reception is located, is a restored large baroque house where the dimensions and original functions have been maintained. The second area, connecting with the previous one is a new building, which has recovered its original space starting from the ruins of a perimeter wall. It accommodates a convention hall and a cafeteria with direct access from Arcedianos Street. The inside of the hotel combines a respect for the ancient part and the functionality of the new part. The use of modern materials gives a feeling of space and clarity that surprises the visitor. The rooms, distributed in two floors and an attic, are named after villages and districts of the province of Guadalajara.

There are 22 rooms – 16 double rooms and 6 single rooms-, all equipped with TV, voice and data connection, and heating. The building has an elevator, an air-conditioned convention hall and an exhibition hall, as well as reception. 24 hour reservation service.

There will be special offers for extended stays, for the use of the various halls as well as special offers for members of the university with adequate identification.

Casa del Doncel’s

A palace of the XV century , beautiful example of civilian gothic architecture, it was the home of the Doncel, Martín Vázquez de Arce , who died at the age of 25 during the conquest of Granada and whose grave is the Arce´s chapel, in the cathedral.

This building was inhabited from the XIV century until 50 years ago; it still has Mudejar rooms and valuable artistic elements recently discovered during the restoration made by the University of Alcalá . This building, attached to the Porta Coeli Inn, has a museum, a library, a reading room, installations for seminars and a restaurant. All the rooms have air-conditioning and a voice and data connection.

Enlaces de interés:

Pagina Web de Sigüenza
Fundación Ciudad de Sigüenza



Calle Mayor, 50. 19250 Sigüenza
Telefono: 949 391 875
Fax: 949 393 315

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